Working time: from Monday to Saturday, 8:30AM--19:30 PM.

Sunday is still ok for us as most of employees live close to company.


Can you pick me up at somewhere ?


The nearest metro station is Shang Wu on Line 6

Visit this link to figure out how to get into these stations.

Shenzhen Metro: https://www.szmc.net/szmc_en



How Far from airport or train station to you factory ?


ShenZhen Airport to our factory is about 25mins driving

ShenZhen North station to our factory is 30mins driving

ShenZhen station (next to HongKong) to our factory 80mins driving


We have a company car and driver to pick you up in Shenzhen, but there are frequent traffic jams. So it would be better if you can come to metro station or airport and it will save your precious time.


How to reach iPixel from HongKong airport?


After you pass the HK custom, take the baggage and walk to Exit.

Please follow the sign to Mainland till you see the counter which sells Bus ticket150 HK$ per person. The Multi-purpose Vehichle will take you to Shenzhen Bay Custom and it will take 50 minute to arrive. Confirm the pick up time before you start to move with MPV.


If you need faster service or even English translator from HongKong airport, feel free to contact this company. They provide service and win 5 Star feedback from a part of our customers



Can you reserve a hotel for me at somewhere ?


Yes, we can. Depends you trip in Shenzhen. Send us your schedule and we could find out a comfortable location Hotel.


For more information, please email to sales.

We're looking forward to meeting you at here!


Email: inquiry@ipixelleds.com
WhatsApp: 0086-138-0255-3087
Skype: ipixelled

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