Customized WS2812B Pixel Tube
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          This is another new customized project. we worked 2 different version for them. one is 30leds/m per side, 60leds/m both side; version 2 is 60leds/m per side, 120leds/m both side totally. yes we did them with 1950mm length totally, it's composed of 2 x 96cm length PCB board. you can see this tube will smaller than our regular type,it just with 23mm diameter size.
          We use ws2812b LED chip, each LED chip is addressable 1IC & 1LED control, you can cut it as your need. And you can see the bottom is seal,the signal is from top to bottom, then to top from other side, so the front weld a input connector, back side weld the output connector,the signal can from tube to tube fluently.
          If you have any more good idea or advice, pls kindly share with us . 
Customized WS2812B Pixel Tube
Customized WS2812B Pixel Tube
Customized WS2812B Pixel Tube

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