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Prototype led cube frame using SPI RGB 3D led tubes
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       Prototype led cube frame using SPI RGB 3D led tubes

This is a prototype 3d cube framemade from u-channel with diffusing covers and SPI 3D RGB led tubes.
1. it's made of two different lengths of tubes, the outer cube with 12pcs x 1000mm long tubes, the inner 

tube and connecting tube is 16pcs x 420mm tubes. but we can also the tube at differents as your needs.

2. the diameter of tube in video is 40mm, 30mm version also available
3. each tube is connected by the ball, this ball with many holes, each hole at different angle, so the tube can be 
different angle and make different shapes, like Cube, pyramid, diamond ...
4. Not only that, our tube is 3D version, the tube with milky white body and no any shadow(no dot) when lighting up. 
5. The signal is SPI RGB and you can design the program you want
Interested in a proper one of something like this? 
welcome to contact us, all projects considered.

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