Clear Lens Digital LED Light Bar
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This is the latest digital light bar ,we just made some samples for our client it's in DC24VCC and 8Pixel with 

48 LEDs only , in the begining of each bar we put a component for safe ESD protection DATA in wires and 

there is a clear lens on top of each LED to An-UV and acid rain connectors also important, we used our regular 

and reliable one.
This bar can not be : No slot joint which means not a good solution to make a outdoor screen as you will see 

there is a gap and the pitch bigger than other LED 20.83mm (1000mm/48 LED) the PCB is 990mm and LED 

Bar size is 1000mm,but the connector cable output from end of side(digial led line).

   Clear Lens Digital LED Light Bar   

Clear Lens Digital LED Light Bar

Clear Lens Digital LED Light Bar





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